Spirituality, from one human to another.

I was drawn to the spiritual realm because I was curious. Maybe you are too. This is a space to learn. To ask questions. To grow.

Find the joy.

I’m a tarot reader. A middle school teacher. A former church kid. A writer.

I spend a lot of time thinking about how these sides of me overlap and inform my quest to become more connected with my spirituality.

But above all? I’m a human. I am interested in finding ways to embrace my humanity, our humanity, as we look beyond the physical world and seek answers in more mystical ways.

Explore with me.

In this space, I’ll be chatting about how you can find the woo in just about every facet of life…and ways to do so thoughtfully.

You won’t ever hear me referring to myself as an expert. I’m on a journey, just like you. I’m just giving you the keys to my unedited diary.

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Spirituality for the everyday person. From one human to another.


I'm a former fundie, a tarot reader, and, above all, a human. I'm writing about my journey to find the spiritual in the everyday without compromising my humanity.